Behold my kingdom

Hello there. 

Finally, I've ended my personal website. Most of you will think "not a big deal", and probably you will be right. BUT my entire website is built with PURE PHP+Javascript+HTML+CSS, this means there is no Wordpress or some other popular CMS* or framework (neither Bootstrap, the only part I haven't coded is tinyMCE). Note I'm saying "other popular CMS" because the one I'm using is not popular or known - It's my own CMS built with PHP.

I'm still debugging it, but I'm kinda proud of my creation. The entire web runs with it, there is a controller class which handles the calls and the routing and, basically, the MVC model (the CONTROLLER part handles every section on the web, the VIEW displays the content and the MODEL is where the logic rests). Yep, just another boring php web from another nerd guy, but it's my boring php web and I need to have one to look like and act like a real software developer.

That's all. I don't expect anyone to read this post until here, but if someone is bored enough to do it, here's a gift: my eternal appreciation.